Luceo Non Uro

7 Jun

Today’s Gospel was about Jesus being accused of casting out demons by Satan. Fr. M pointed out that Satan was originally one of the archangels – Lucifer, Bringer of Light. And thereby hangs a tale.

crestThe Squire is a McKenzie on his mother’s side, and used to have a T-shirt with the clan crest and motto. One work day at church a teen-aged girl wandered up and asked him with the Latin words meant.

“Well”, he said, pointing to the first word, “you’ve heard of old time matches being called Lucifers, haven’t you?”

She nodded.

“And Non means No.”


“And everybody knows what Uro means.”

She nodded again, although it was obvious she hadn’t a clue.

He ran his finger around the belt on the crest.  “It just means ‘Don’t pee in the fire’.”

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