Send in the Clowns

21 Nov

OK, we have 306 million people in this country, at least half of whom are over 35, and this bunch is the best the Republican Party can find?

We have a loud mouth who stops just short of admitting he’s a Nazi (“You tell me”, he says.) who wants to shutter mosques and register Muslims, but says registering gun owners is “going too far, because the Constitution is very clear on that subject”. Is he aware that the Constitution also says “Congress shall make no law …prohibiting the free exercise (of religion)?

He may know his gun rights, but he isn’t all that familiar with the rest of the Constitution.

We have two woman who have won the right to pose for their driver’s license photo wearing a colander on their heads (Lindsay Miller, of Massachusetts, and Shawna Hammond, of Oklahoma), because they are members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he’s worried about a lady in a hijab.

And then we have a brain surgeon who is willing – eager! – to subject another race to the same indignities his own had to endure, and sees no irony in it.

What is wrong with these people?

Can we get George Takai to run? I’ll vote for him.

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