Sleep Tight

30 Nov

Since childhood, I have been taught to sleep flat on my back. It was a childrearing fad that was accepted as medical gospel in the twenties and thirties, just as putting an infant on their back is now, except the child wasn’t trained to do this until it was able to turn over alone. No point in drowning the kid in its own vomit.


I have always slept with one foot or the other tucked under the opposite knee; I resemble a flamingo at rest. When we had a regular double bed, I hitched up my left leg, so I wouldn’t poke The Squire, but since we got the queen sized bed, there’s room for me to tuck my right foot under my left knee. My podiatrist has given me a growl about this several times, saying I was changing the “architecture” of my foot.

Well, I woke up this morning in severe pain, limping badly; most of the pain seems to be where the top of my foot meets my ankle.  The habit is so deeply ingrained that when I went up to take my nap, I automatically tucked that right foot under my left knee – and instantly removed it! Wowser! If I could rest the sole of my foot against my “knee knob” it would be OK, but the foot keeps going into hiding, and pulling up my left leg seems awkward. I cannot sleep curled up on my side, as I can’t breathe in that position, so the next few weeks should be interesting.

Never happy unless I have something to complain about.

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