Free at Last!

27 Jan

We knew the snow was coming, so we had stocked up on the things we needed, but with a 200 foot driveway, we were prepared to stay put until Easter, ‘coz there was no way we were going to shovel it. Yesterday afternoon, Eldest Daughter took pity on us and sent a friend down to plow us out.

We have a wall along one side of the drive, so The Squire slogged out to show the fellow where it was and how to avoid it. Just as well he did so, as the man promised he’d “go clear down to the black top”, and we have a gravel drive! He got about two thirds of the way down, but the spot where the drive turns was solid ice under the snow, and even with a fully loaded 4×4 pickup truck he couldn’t manage to get to the house. He told The Squire to have Eldest Daughter pay him for half the job, backed out of the drive (a chore in itself) and left. This morning, the snow had compacted enough that The Squire was able to “bull” his way to the top of the drive and get through.

It’s funny. I never thought a trip to the grocery store would be so enjoyable!

While we were in the store, my nose began to run, and I hied myself to the ladies room for a bit of tissue paper. I was reminded of the time I took my two daughters to a concert, maybe at the Maryland Historical Society, but it doesn’t matter. Middle daughter (at the time she was still the Younger Daughter) had come down with a bad cold, and I’d used all the tissue I had with me, so I asked Elder Daughter, who was about six years old, if she would go get me some paper from the ladies room. She came back, skipping happily down the aisle, with a wad of toilet paper in her hand, and a tail sailing behind her like a comet!

Nothing like a bit of class.

From the mailbox.

From the mailbox.

The view from the house

The view from the house

I tried to get these all lined up, but WordPress wasn’t cooperating. We’ll just have to live with it.  I was really surprised at how green the grass was under the snow.

The impassable corner

The impassable corner

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