Snow, Sort Of

9 Feb

snowmanThe forecast today was for six to eight inches of fresh snow. We got about an inch, which promptly tuned to rain, but Eldest Daughter lives just far enough north of us that they had five inches as of 4 PM.

She took The Munchkin out to build a snowman by the side of the driveway. A very little snowman, but then, she’s a very little girl.

We took some photos of yesterday’s dead squirrel and contacted the DNR to see if they could tell us what was going on. Explained what we saw, and the animal’s behavior, and the gentleman had us email the pictures, then called back to say the animal had a virus which caused these tumors to grow all over the body. There was one under one eye and another under the chin, which he said probably caused the poor critter to be blind in that eye and have difficulty eating. The convulsions meant there were most likely tumors in the brain. It is not contagious to either our pets or humans, and really is not easily transmitted between squirrels. However, if we happened to see another one, let him know. In the meantime, we could put the carcass in the landfill, with full military honors.

We were supposed to have our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper this evening, but our policy is when Harford County schools are closed, all activities at the church are cancelled, so that took care of that. Last year it was called off because the rector let his temper get the best of him, but as it happened it also snowed on Shrove Tuesday then, too, so it worked out. Trouble is, the proceeds from the pancake supper pay for the Mother’s Day brunch; we didn’t have one last May, and I doubt we’ll have one this year, either.

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