Spare Me!

19 Feb












At the moment, our guest room looks this way. We will be putting bead board on the bottom part of the wall, and painting the top half, so all of the textured paint has to be removed from the upper walls. Naturally, it comes off the bottom most easily.













The TV room contains the only furniture left. We just plain ran out of space to put things. The box spring, the TV set, and The Squire’s recliner, all squished into a pile and covered with plastic. And that long, white wall!

The Once and Future computer workshop resembles a hoarder’s paradise. If I could claw my way to the other end of the room, you’d get an even better idea of how it looks. And our bedroom is not much better.


After we paint the ceiling and the upper walls, put up the bead board, and replace the mouldings, we have to get the carpet people in here, before we can even think about replacing the furniture, so we are going to be fighting with this mess for months.

Several week ago, the health department told the church that the wooden shelving in the pantry needs to be replaced with metal. Our new Property Warden had already disposed of part of the wooden shelving, but there was one large section leaning outside the building. Since we had donated it, The Squire decided it could come live here, rather than in the dumpster. A friend helped him squeeze it into the back of the van, and it is now on our carport.

And The Squire asked me, in all seriousness, what I thought about pulling everything out of our pantry and putting the wooden shelving back there.


“Oh, now is as good a time as any, I guess.”

Um, no.





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