A Parish of Pillows

9 Apr

Whenever anyone in our congregation dies, one of the ladies gets a sweater or shirt from the family and turns it into a pillow. She embroiders a little poem to put on the pillow about  “I’m still here; I’m just where I always was. Take my pillow and give me a hug.” Something to that effect, but it rhymes, and puts it in the pew where that person usually sat. (Is it only Lutherans and Episcopalians wo have “assigned seats”?)

There is another gal there who worries about my health and The Squire’s as if we were both on death’s door. The irony of it is that both she and her husband are on oxygen; he has lung cancer and she has COPD.  I laughed and said everyone in this parish is so old that someday the rector is going to look out and discover there’s nobody in the pews but pillows!

I don’t think this is what they meant when they mentioned putting cushions on the seats.

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