Another Restaurant Tale

7 Oct

This seems to be my week for remembering odd-ball dining stories. I met a group of British ladies for lunch today, and about half-way through the meal, one of them got up to adjust the curtain so the sun wasn’t shining in her eyes.

And that got me to reminiscing…

Quite a while ago, a fellow from church called to ask me if I would meet him in the morning so he could drop off his car to be repaired. “Well, if you’re going to drag me out of bed at that hour, you’ll have to feed me.” No problem. So, I trundled down to Montgomery Wards (I told you it was a long time ago!), collected Kit, and we stopped at a little diner on the way back to our corner of the world.

I sat down in the booth across from him, but the sun was shining squarely in my eyes, so I got up and went over to sit next to him. We hadn’t even gotten our breakfast when another fellow from church pulled up and got out of his car. He took one look at the two of us, cozied up on one side of the booth, and did a marvelous double-take.

I waved him in, obviously not embarrassed by the situation, motioned for him to take a seat across from us, and he immediately began squinting into the sun. I let him squirm for a few moments while I explained why we were out and about at 8 AM.  “Now, do you understand why I am sitting over here beside Kit?”

“Yes, ma’am. I think I do.”

“Good! I don’t want you going to church on Sunday and spreading any rumors about us!” He laughed, collected his coffee, and left.

I never heard a whisper about it at church, either.

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