Election Day and Starting the Doll House

8 Nov

The Squire and I left the house early (for us) and drove over to Kingsville to vote. Tout le monde was there, as they say.  It took us an hour to cast our votes, and when we left the building, the line was even longer than when we arrived.  A quick trip to the laundromat, and we got the clothes on the line as soon as we got home.

After a bite of lunch, I started in on the doll house. As I said before, the poor house has suffered from neglect, and is in horrible condition. Today, all I did was vacuum out the various dead leaves,  dead bugs, and goodness-knows-what from the rooms, and then wiping down the entire house with a wet rag.


These are views from the rear of the house, the side, and the front. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!  The entire roof is missing from the left side, and the tower has also lost its roof. The front door is gone, and most of the windows are either missing entirely or laying on the floor.

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