Pyloric Stenosis

11 Nov

If it isn’t one thing…

…it’s something else.  Eldest daughter called here shortly before 1 PM to say our grandson’s wife was heading to the hospital because their little boy was having projectile vomiting and dry diapers. Classic pyloric stenosis.  This is a condition were the opening between the stomach and the intestines is either blocked or very narrow, and the baby cannot get any nourishment from the food ingested. It is obviously  life-threatening, but it is cured with a fairly simply surgical procedure.  Or as simple as surgery can be on an infant only a month old. He is on IVs right now, and they will do the surgery in the morning. Kristen’s sister is with her, as is her sister-in-law, but she is still a nervous wreck.

Poor Kristen is having to handle this very frightening situation when her husband is in the Middle East.  As a shirt-tail member of the medical profession I know what this is, but it’s an entirely different situation when it is your first-born, an only child – and you’re alone. And it’s no picnic for Matthew, either, to be far away and unable to offer “aid and comfort”.

So far, they’ve had to deal with Kristin’s paralysis, jaundice, and now this. OK. Enough, please!

On the brighter side, it seems the pain in The Squire’s tummy is a reaction to medicine prescribed for the pain in his feet. Well, there are a zillion different pain killers on the market, so we’ll be able to handle that without too much trouble.

The man is a fast reader. He went to the library on Wednesday morning and last night he finished reading At The Sign of Triumph, in spite of having been  on the road most of yesterday. All eight hundred pages. Yeesh!

I started in on it this morning, but I’m not making nearly the progress he made!



One Response to “Pyloric Stenosis”

  1. tiggerlyss November 12, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    If it were not one thing…I pray the little guy gets better after today’s surgery. I am glad the bigger guy has figured out his own issues with his medicines.

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