Little Children, Come Out and Play…

14 Nov

…the moon is shining bright as day.

Last night, when the Super Moon came up, it was so large it looked as if it was going to roll right down our road and flatten everything in its path. By the time it rose to overhead, it really was “as bright as day”. Simply beautiful.

It’s just as well last night was lovely, as it has been cloudy all day long today. It looks as if it wants to rain, but at least the cloud cover is keeping all the warm air from blowing into the sky.

Habit is a wonderful thing.

The Squire and I were sitting in the living room last night, and I announced I was going to bed, placed my bookmark, and shut the book. The Squire took a pieces of paper and carefully laid it on top of his Nook.

And then roared with laughter!

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