Can You Hear Me, Now?

27 Nov

We had a delightful fellow as our supply this morning.  We were standing together at the back of the sanctuary before  service, and I was – in my usual bossy way – giving him the low-down on all the peculiar things our parish does.  When I got finished, he turned to me and asked, in all seriousness, if I was also going to preach the sermon. Both The Squire and the Senior Warden assured him that I was perfectly capable of doing so, if necessary.

We have one member who has severe celiac disease, and I had handed him the mini-ciborium for her use, and told him I would give him a heads up when she came to the rail. I did so, but he didn’t seem to have hear me, so I reached around behind and tugged on his alb.

Later, at coffee hour, I mentioned that he hadn’t heard me, and he raised one eyebrow. “What makes you so sure I wasn’t ignoring you?”


He chuckled and continued, “When I am speaking  directly to God, I’m not going to stop and talk to you.”


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