4 Jul

When I came downstairs this morning there was a cockroach on the counter. Ick!

I grabbed a paper towel and came down over him, but he managed to shimmy out from under my hand.

He scurried onto the stove, so I turned on the gas. That didn’t work as he was too flat, and then he climbed onto the grid. I grabbed the flame-thrower and blasted him, but he scooted back into the drip pan.

OK, two can play this game. I was as determined as he was, so I went for the vacuum. It took several tries before I was able to suck the little brown demon into the hose. I trotted across the kitchen to dump the vacuum bag into the outside trash and the critter climbed out the top of the hose. He must have been hanging on for dear life on the ridges inside the pipe.

No wonder scientists claim roaches could withstand a nuclear attack!

Once he hit the floor he scuttled under the rug in front of the sink.

I stepped on him!

Take that, you rascal!

One Response to “Ye-ee-uk!”

  1. tiggerlyss July 5, 2017 at 11:49 am #

    This reminds me somewhat of a video that went viral a few weeks back of a rat in NYC that was filmed dragging a trash bag across the sidewalk to get a personal pan pizza to his lair. I guess we should all want to be cockroaches and rats.

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