One Thing Leads to Another

18 Nov

For the last month, The Squire and I have been telling each other we need to remove the air conditioner from the living room window. And today was the day! The unit isn’t all that heavy, but it is bulky, which makes it a two-man operation.

While he trundled the unit out to the barn, I took down the drapes and washed that window.  When he came back, we washed all five windows, and put the sheers aside to be washed. While the furniture is pulled out from the wall, we figured we might as well go ahead and clean the floors, and I suppose we’d better run the vacuum while we’re at it.

The cat had scattered litter all over the laundry room, so that needed to be swept up – might as well clean the box! – so we didn’t track grit all over the house.  Oh! While you’re in there grab the feather duster and I’ll get the cobwebs out of the corners. This reminded me of an old nursery rhyme, which The Squire accused me of making up!

And after all that commotion, The Squire went to the “Y”, and I made a pie crust. It’s as bad as the day before the baby comes!

The only casualty of the day was when I pushed up one of the bottom windows and mashed my finger. The window frames have little “wedges” you can pull out to prevent the lower sash from being raised more than three inches. It’s nice to be able to get some fresh air without worrying if a storm comes up, or perhaps somebody trying to crawl in the window.  I’d left one wedge sticking out during the summer, and caught one finger between it and the top of the bottom sash. Woo-hee!

There was an old woman
Tossed up in a basket
Seventeen times as high as the moon.
Where she was going
I just had to ask it,
For in her hand she carried a broom.

“Old woman, old woman,
Old woman,” say I,
Whither oh whither,
Oh wither so high?”
“To sweep the cobwebs from sky.”
“May I go with you ?”
“Yea, By and by.”


One Response to “One Thing Leads to Another”

  1. AJ November 19, 2017 at 1:57 am #

    Wow you guys were super productive!

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