It Worked!

7 Jun

Last night, I trundled the wheelie bin out to the road, and put it carefully beside the mailbox. I lowered the handle so the lid wasn’t locked in place and moseyed back to the house in the dark.

When I opened the shades this morning I was annoyed to find the bin was exactly where I’d left it last night. Either the recycling crew hadn’t been around yet (they normally come through about half past four) or they were in a snit and had passed us by. The latter more likely than the former, frankly.

Mea culpa, and all that jazz. The bin had been emptied, and was positioned – upright and with the lid on – a few feet further up on the lawn. Maybe the expression “over my dead body” really meant something. I’ll have to leave them a box of cookies or something next week.

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