6 Aug

Many years ago, The Squire gave me the American Girl doll, Felicity, for Christmas.  She has red hair and green eyes, as does your truly,  and I named her Kathleen. (Our middle daughter has Kathleen as her middle name.) According to American Girl, Felicity-Kathleen grew up during the American Revolution, which is the era I teach, and I used her as a prop for costumes and such.

A while back, AG came out with a boy doll, but oh, my! he is expensive. Well, everything that comes from AG is pricey, but the dolls are well made and well researched and all that jazz, but I just couldn’t see spending the money on a doll I really didn’t need.

So – cut to another scenario. I was looking for a Heidi Ott dollhouse doll, which are fully articulated, including the knees, elbows, and wrists.  Alas, the 1:12 dolls are not currently available. BUT – there were several 18-inch dolls, including a handsome young fellow named Benjamin, who came to live at our house as fast as the postman could manage it. He got a hair cut, and an Amish friend made him some new clothes. I gave him a dime to put in his pocket, and of course, he immediately had to go spend it on candy bars and ice cream.



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