The Water is Rising!

8 Dec

Although the are Some People in High Places who claim not to accept climate change, those of us who live in less rarified places know it for a fact.

My cousin has a sea wall around his home and the water has risen quite a bit since he had the place built. When I take Blazer for a walk in the park, I can see the river encroaching farther up the boat ramps. But mostly, we notice it here at the Rice Paddy. This place has always been a bit of a swamp, but it has gotten progressively worse. By road, we live about 5 miles from the bay, but as the crow flies it’s only a bit over a mile. While there are some valleys to be raised up, and mountains to be laid low between us and the Chesapeake, we are essentially at sea level here.

And we can tell.

Although the ground has always had damp spots – oh, heck! wet spots! – we now have more, and worse. Where once the spring outside the den window only ran in wet weather, now it runs all the time. All the ground around the front porch is soft and squishy – a sort of grab-your-boots- and-pull-them-off-your-feet mud.  It’s really bad when you need waders just to mow the lawn!  Y’know, there’s just a limit to how large a pond we can dig.

We have finally accepted the inevitability of having to move; we hoped to have time to dawdle a bit, but the entire place is beginning to sink into the mire.

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