The Lake Under Our House

12 Feb

The fellow we’ll call the “inside” plumber came out on Friday, looked the place over, and made some suggestions as to how we might avoid trouble in the future if, indeed, we have a leak inside the house. He did not offer to help with that part of it, but left his phone number so we could call if we needed his help.

The Squire unscrewed a section of the bathroom floor, and found that while we do, indeed have a lake under there, it is not from leaking pipes. Oh, that it could be that simple! We have crayfish, and they have dug tunnels into the crawl space (Yes, there was plastic down there. Did you really think it would stop those bloody buggers?)  and we have lots of water down there. We’re going to need a mini-sump pump, but that is all. That is enough, frankly.

Saturday, we removed everything from the corner cupboard, piled it on the dining room table, and then unscrewed a section of the dining room floor and poked around under there with a mirror and camera. No leak there. The Squire also pulled up another section and we looked under the china closet to see if the pipes were leaking. Nada.

Now came the real fun. Trying to get the corner cupboard back into place without ripping the wallpaper to shreds. The cupboard is solid chestnut and weighs a ton, and was NOT made to be moved around. We will draw a veil over the rest of the afternoon.

Yesterday, Monday, the “outside plumber” stopped by. At this time, the only place left for the pipes to be leaking is between the well and the house. The fellow measured the distance, fiddled with his calculator, and smiled broadly. He should be happy! The estimate he came us was for over $6,000. I didn’t ask The Squire for an itemization, but suffice to say, that amount of money is simply out of the question. If things ever clear up enough to work outdoors, he will ask a likely young man from church if he’d like to earn a few shekels digging a hole in the front yard.


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