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Highway Robbery

7 Mar

I found this photo of my dad a while ago. I have no idea when it was taken or by whom, but it is lovely. It shows his spirit and his joy in so many ways. I found a nice square frame, and made a mat out of a piece of five-inch cardboard with a three inch circle in the middle.  I took my sample to one of the Big Craft Stores yesterday afternoon.

“Can you make this up in red for me? Do you have something to match the color of his stole?”

ERMP-glowThe clerk allowed as how they not only didn’t have a small red piece of mat board, but they couldn’t do round cuts. That would have to come from their supplier. The cost? Well, I’d have to buy the entire sheet of board, and then there’s the cost of cutting it and shipping it, and, oh, probably $30 or so.

Good Grief! Great Coogamooga! And so forth and so on. I’ll find me a bit of red construction paper or card stock and take it from there! I love ya, Daddy, but for cryin’ out loud. . .exorbitant doesn’t begin to cover it.