An Alarming Situation

4 Jun

Or, don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.

Shortly after I came downstairs yesterday morning I heard an odd triple-beep sound, which I attributed to the fancy, new smoke detector we got about a year ago. After a good bit of head-cocking and cussing, The Squire figured out it was the burglar alarm that was beeping, because the backup battery was dead.

He removed the battery and went off in search of a new one, which he installed. Apparently the new battery did not come fully-charged, but gradually built up steam when it was installed – much the way a cellphone battery works, I guess – so the system continued to beep.

In the mean time, we received a frantic call from Eldest Daughter, telling us she had gotten a call from the security system, saying they had gotten an intrusion alarm from us, had not been able to reach us, so were going to call the police. We had not gotten any calls from them ourselves, either on the land line or The Squire’s cell. While I was calling Vector, The Squire fielded a call from Mac’s wife, with the same info, as Mac is also an emergency contact.

We called Vector and explained the situation, and the woman said she’d put us off-line for 24 hours.

An hour later, the same thing happened. Calls from Eldest and Mrs. Mac, but no call from Vector.

And, rinse and repeat. The third time it happened I lit into the poor man who answered the Customer Service line. I explained that I wasn’t fussing with him, “but for Pete’s sake, don’t you guys have this noted on the computer?” If I understood him correctly, the information doesn’t show up until the next day! When I left Blue Cross in 1983 info was posted immediately ! Good grief!

So, at the moment it looks as if all is well. The panel is not beeping, and we haven’t heard from either Eldest Daughter or Mrs. Mac.

Or the cops.

One Response to “An Alarming Situation”

  1. Garfield Hug June 5, 2019 at 11:46 am #

    An eventful day indeed!

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