Three Things

9 Jan

Over on Mary Ann has listed a collection of threes:

3 Names I go by:

Dani, Mouse, and Grand-mere

3 Jobs I’ve had:

Customer Service at a bank (which is where I met The Squire), receptionist for an international company, and medical receptionist

3 Places I’ve lived:

This is tricky, as I’ve lived in the same county – not even simply in the same state! – my entire life. Baltimore County, Maryland, but we lived in Arbutus until I was ten, Perry Hall until I married the Late & Unlamented, and The Squire and I bought this house in Bradshaw when we got married.

3 Favorite Drinks:

Coffee, unsweetened iced tea, and Mango-Papaya juice liberally diluted with water.

3 Places I’ve Been:

England and Wales, Mexico, and Yosemite Park

3 Favorite Foods:

Thai, Indian, and Greek

3 Things I look Forward to:

Christmas, Thanksgiving/our Wedding Anniversary, and a good snow storm.

3 pets I’ve had:

Oh, about a zillion, but three stand out – Brinks, a pit-boxer mix, a thirty-pound cat named Blitz, and Blazer, a pit/Greyhound mix. Yeah, I know. That one must have come with an instruction sheet.

And there you have it. Why not list your “3s” in the comments?



3 Responses to “Three Things”

  1. Tina Valenti January 13, 2020 at 1:55 am #

    3 Names I go by:
    Tina, Mimi and Paula (when someone is trying to annoy me. lol)

    3 Jobs I’ve had:
    Bank employee, office manager, old person babysitter

    3 Places I’ve lived:
    Kingsville, MD, Bel Air, MD, Mount Pleasant, SC

    3 Favorite Drinks:
    Water, Iced tea and an occasional Strawberry Daiquiri

    3 Places I’ve Been:

    Bahamas, California, Las Vegas

    3 Favorite Foods:

    Chocolate, Crabs, Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese. 🙂

    3 Things I look Forward to:
    Time with my husband (since so limited now), time with the grandkids, traveling

    3 pets I’ve had:

    Cats, cats, cats

  2. tiggerlyss January 13, 2020 at 1:46 pm #

    3 Names I go by:
    Peg, Mom, Queen Mum (when my son wants to get under my skin)

    3 Jobs I’ve had:
    Animal Keeper (National Zoo monkey house), middle school teacher, afterschool program mentor (see how the first job prepared me for the other two?)

    3 Places I’ve lived:
    Weirton WV, District of Columbia, Joppatowne MD

    3 Favorite Drinks:
    Coffee, Tea (Chai or Earl Grey), Flavored seltzer waters (No Sweeteners!)

    3 Places I’ve Been:

    Canada, Florida, Asheville, NC

    3 Favorite Foods:

    Crabs, Greek food (Dolmas!), and Sushi

    3 Things I look Forward to:
    Christmas snow, coffee conversations with friends, times playing games with my two kids

    3 pets I’ve had:

    Any animals that I could drag into the house when I was younger (creek critters and even a hairy centipede), birds, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, dogs and cats. Cats are my favorite critter though.

  3. Val January 16, 2020 at 5:57 pm #

    3 names I go by:
    Val, Valerie, and something containing the ‘P’ from the word ‘Pyramid’!!

    3 jobs I’ve had:
    nursery nurse, artist, and something in an office

    3 places I’ve lived:
    North London, East London, Not London.

    3 Favourite Drinks:
    Grape juice, coffee (but can’t drink it much now), milkshakes.

    3 places I’ve been:
    Holland, France, Morocco

    3 favourite foods:
    cheese, cheese, cheese

    3 things I look forward to:
    Being healthy, warm sunshine, something else.

    3 pets I’ve had:
    tortoise, frogs, canary (I am ashamed of the last, but I was a very small child).

    Apart from that, I’ve sent you an email (it has attachments).

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