The Daily Dozen

5 Apr

The author of one of the blogs I follow, A Joyful Chaos, posted yesterday about “The Daily Dozen” – chores she does every day, such as washing dishes, cooking meals, and picking up after her children. Sounds a lot like home, although picking up toys, etc., was always the job of the girl who left things around. The Squire would come home and demand “Whose books are those? Did your mother leave that hat on the table?”  And hop to it, kiddo!

Both Blazer and I take pills that have to be on an empty stomach; one for him and one for me, then he goes outside while I put on the coffee and fix breakfast for him and the cat. Shake the rugs outside and toss them in the dryer on fluff while I sweep the kitchen floor and empty the dishwasher. Now, there’s only the two of us, and we have enough dishes and cutlery to only run the dish washer in the evening.  As I empty it, I put the dishes for breakfast in the oven to warm up. Fix my coffee and go check the email and a few blogs.  Fixing breakfast is The Squire’s job; I fix dinner and supper.

I could do without a lot of things – we don’t have a washing machine, for instance – but my dishwasher, bread machine, and self cleaning oven are WON-derful! I can do all of these things the “old fashioned” way but it’s nice to have these helpers. She also lists things she does on a weekly basis, such as shopping, laundry, and such. I do one room a day throughout the week – kitchen on Monday, clear out one refrigerator shelf each week, and the freezer when we have five Mondays in a month, bathroom on Tuesday, etc.

Right now, I’m using my “spare time” to see if I can find the bottom of my sewing basket. Honestly, I’d rather make two new items than mend one! We’re not going to be able to get together with my nephew and his family, so I’m getting together a box of goodies to mail to them.  I made their little girl two dresses for her Bitty Baby. I gave the boys a kit to make a light house two years ago – I think – and I have some very nice things The Squire had purchased for me to put in it. A delicate spyglass on a tripod, and some seagulls perched on pilings. When we go to pick up the dough-nation from Panera on Thursday nights I stop at Target and see what sort of wonders they have in the “impulse” bins. I collected some Silly Putty, and such, and I’ll drop those in the package. Need to get a wiggle on, as today is Palm Sunday, so time’s a’wasting.

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