A Game of Cat and Mouse

24 Apr

Back over on Arlo and Janis someone remarked that the snakes that seem to hang around here might at least keep the mouse population under control.

Probably just as well.

Our cats are pretty much useless when it comes to catching mice. For the most part, almost every cat we’ve ever had considers mice to be just another one of Mum’s pets. “Oh, look! A mouse.” “Are you gonna get it?” “Nah. Do you want it?” “I’d have to get up.”

And so it goes.

We did have one cat – Roxie, I think – who would catch a mouse and carry it around most of the day. When it was dinner time, she’d sit the mouse on the floor beside her, much the way a lady puts her purse on the table, and then look around in astonishment when the mouse was missing when she finished eating. Sugar – a big white blimp of a feline – would hold a mouse between her paws. Every once in a while she’d pick up one paw or the other, as if checking to see it the critter was still there. She never tried to eat it or play with it. The Squire thought she might be trying to hatch it.

Eddie has been with us since around 2006, and to the best of my knowledge has only caught two mice.  One was in the house, and he left the rib cage in the middle of the living room floor.  I picked it up and marveled at how tiny the bones were, while The Squire had a fit. That’s the trouble with medical people – we are just fascinated by all of this.

We did have one cat who was a fabulous mouser – a little grey vixen we named Mosby. She was bound and determined to be an outdoor cat, only zipping inside long enough to eat and using the litter box, and then sitting by the door and yelling the house down. You have NO idea how loud a determined cat can be. But every day, when I came home she would have five or six little bodies laid in a row on the mat.  She was running across the yard to meet me one morning when a hawk swooped down and carried her off.

It was like watching – and hearing – a crucifixion.

One Response to “A Game of Cat and Mouse”

  1. tiggerlyss April 24, 2020 at 9:16 pm #

    Oh my! I was not ready for that. I always worry about the small pets and raptors (more so than the coyotes).

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