Me and Bartholomew Cubbins

2 May

I have been trying to clean and straighten my sewing room, and I swear Bartholomew Cubbins is living in there someplace, but it’s not hats he’s throwing around; it’s fabric. No matter how much I sift and sort, there is always just as much – nay, more! – than when I started.

I’ve collected all of my Fat Quarters, and got a little basket at the Dollar Store to corral them. Where I had two that matched, I’ve made a Bitty-Baby doll dress; my great-niece and our great granddaughter will have some very well-dressed babies. When I only had one piece, I made a dress for a Wellie-Wisher or a Penny Brite doll.

I’ve made masks for both The Squire and myself. I’ve even mended, for goodness sake! I’ve cut cards and wrapped up miles and miles of ribbon, bias binding, and lace.

I have made no dent in the mess at all.

I swear, it’s the Loaves and Fishes all over again.

One Response to “Me and Bartholomew Cubbins”

  1. Garfield Hug May 3, 2020 at 2:26 am #

    Haha! I can picture you literally! Glad you started and you will get there..a neat and tidy sewing room.

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