The Scariest Site on the Web

25 Jun

From time to time a site called Townhall pops up in my spam folder, along with a bunch of other stuff. A few days ago I clicked on it, just to see what it was about.

The article that piqued my interest was about a black principal in Chicago who was is under pressure to step down from her leadership position because she is outwardly opposed to criminal conduct: among other ‘problematic’ acts, she’s urged students to “not participate in violence or looting.” She is, thus far, refusing to do so.


You’d think a situation such as this would draw a lot of support for the principal, but it did not. The remarks were absolutely vile, and somehow, President Obama was the villain in this piece, and Trump was the hero. Beats me.

The conversation hit a downward spiral pretty quickly. I’m cherry picking some of the comments, just to give you an idea of what was posted. None of it was about the lady in question, oddly enough. This was the response to a question asking for sources for a particularly off-the-wall screed:

*That’s the problem with you brainwashed Trolls, you believe all the rhetoical lies told by the alphabet propaganda media outlets that you Stupidity still watch and your minds are no longer capable of processing logical thought patterns. Then you go out in public and reiterate those Lyingous pervarications like you’re programmed as if they are facts. I tell you the truth about the Great Divider Obamie and instead of looking up to check my facts you’re looking on some Lefty Libaturd websites for a properly programmed Elitist Neo-nazi lie for you to spew, you are such a good peon tool.

*Snorkie • 10 days ago
Want to stop the violence? Bang bang bang. Want to stop the looting? Bang bang bang bang…..Problem solved.

*Lamar @ Snorkie • 10 days ago
Arm-up. You will be given no choice.−

*DawgsofWar @ LAUGHING at LIBERALS! • 10 days ago
the only good democrat is a dead democrat. Unfortunately, if you DON’T want this type of insanity, you need to vote Republican. Your choice.

*Worcester Rooster • 10 days ago
Buy a gun. This is going way beyond crazy.

*Transplanted Floridian @Worcester Rooster • 10 days ago
And plenty of ammo so you can practice, practice, practice.

And so it goes. As I said, scary.



One Response to “The Scariest Site on the Web”

  1. Garfield Hug June 27, 2020 at 3:24 am #

    I agree with you, it is scary.

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