The Long Way Home

7 Aug

My GPS always wants to take me everyplace via the beltway or I-95, neither of which routes thrill me, so I seldom plug it in when I am traveling between home and my two main places of work. I really prefer to take the back roads, so my trips back and forth are pretty much Do It Yourself.

Today was my last day at this particular place, and I got off early, so I decided to follow the GPS from a point about half way home, just to see where the Lady Who Lives in the Machine would take me. It wasn’t bad at all. I’m not sure I could manage to find my way over via this route, but coming home was very pleasant. I drove through Dulaney Valley – rolling hills and winding roads, and I think I only saw two cars coming my way. And I got home about five minutes sooner than usual. I’ll have to use that way more often.

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