21 Aug

I had a rather exotic upbringing, and among my other “interesting quirks” we always use linen napkins in our house. Part of this is habit, but we think paper products are wasteful; if costs nothing to throw a napkin into the wash along with the tea towels and dish clothes, so we try to limit our use of paper napkins and towels. Over the years I’ve fallen heir to several sets of napkins that folks figured I could use, even if nobody else would have them.

As part of my “Let’s Pretend We’re Moving” games I cleaned out the bottom the the Leaning Tower of Bradshaw (see July 9th’s post) yesterday, sorting, tossing, and saving. I do NOT understand how I can manage to misplace napkins! At one point somebody gave me two sets of polyester napkins – one four piece, and the other six. I have never used them; polyester is a form of plastic and plastic is not very absorbent. I now have three napkins in one set and five in the other. These blessed things have never been out of the corner cupboard! Where can they have gone? I bought a dozen lovely linen napkins, all hand embroidered, and for a while I only had eleven of them. Now I can’t find any. Recently a lady donated a dozen lovely napkins to our church for a White Elephant sale and they were handed to me. We’ve used them, but they were fringed, rather than hemmed, and fraying mightily. As we’ve used them, I’ve run zig-zag stitching around all seven? of them. Where the dickens are the rest?

And, no, they are not buried on my ironing board. I checked. Aaargh!

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