Too Much – and Never Enough

5 Sep

Whether you love Donald Trump or loathe him, this book should be required reading.

The fact of the matter is that Fred Trump should never been allowed to father children. He was a cold, cruel man, totally without empathy, and saw no value in people or things that were not worth money. He expected people to know instinctively what he wanted, and then berated them mercilessly when they failed. To him, the cruelty was the point. He enjoyed seeing people squirm – including his children. When his oldest son, Fred Jr., was not suited for Big Business, Fred was not satisfied until he had utterly broken Freddy’s spirit – and then disinherited his wife and children.

When Donald figured out he could never do anything right, he decided to do whatever he pleased, and his father admired the boy’s “killer instinct”. Fred thought Donald could do no wrong, and trusted him with large and large projects. When these didn’t work out, rather than admit his error Fred paid his son’s debts, and let Donald take all of the credit.

Nothing has changed, except bigger messes and bigger coverups.

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