Suddenly Winter!

17 Dec

We have been blessed with wonderfully mild weather so far – the temperature on Sunday was in the mid-60s, which is pretty much how it has been lately. Last night, the temperature dropped, and we had what might pass for snow today. We were “promised” anywhere from 4 to 8 inches, depending on where you live, but all we got was about an inch of really sloppy stuff. I’d rather have snow, frankly, because when this mix of snow and rain freezes the entire world will be an ice rink.

I went out about # PM and fed the Outside People, just so I wouldn’t have to slog through the snowfall we expected, but when The Squire got ready to take the recycling bin to the road, he didn’t even make it off the carport. “Not going out in that mess!” Filling the bird feeders in the morning will be, um, interesting, to put it mildly.


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