A Glutton For Punishment

15 Mar

We both enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles, but The Squire has outdone himself. He found a box under the stairs with one of those puzzles where there’s a mystery to be solved. The picture on the box is not the picture that will be completed, but the new picture will tell you whodunit.

So not only is there no picture, but the puzzle was painted with watercolors, so everything runs together. And it’s HUGE – 23″ by 29″, so it nearly covers the card table. A thousand pieces of utter vexation. He’s been at it for close to a week now – notice I said “he” – and is about half done. I ordered two new puzzles from a place called SeriousPuzzles.com and I am dying to break one out and get started. I’m not going to spoil his fun, so I’ve wait until he gets that bloody thing completed, leave it on the table to admire for a few days, and then open a new box.

I enjoy a challenge, but Lord knows I don’t need any more frustration in my life.

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