Ta Da!

29 May

The church we attend is one of the Queen Anne Parishes, and dates back to the 1700s.

Last summer, The Squire spent many, many days working beside a group of people from various archeology organization, including a professor from the University of Maryland and some of his students, and representatives from the Archeology Association of the Upper Chesapeake, as well as the Maryland Historical Trust. There were other volunteers, some of whom used ground penetrating radar, and a drone.

Yesterday, he received a letter from Jacob Benson, chair of the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission, stating that the church has been recognized for their efforts in preserving the history of Harford county in general, the Joppa Seaport in particular. Mind you, Joppa Towne hasn’t been a seaport for almost two centuries, because it silted up pretty quickly, when the local farmers started tearing down trees and plowing the hills up and down, so all of the top soil ran into the water.

You can see the video at: harfordcountymd.gov/2420/historic-preservation-awards

Scroll down to the third video, which shows Colonial Joppa. What appear to be a lawn mower and a roto-tiller were actually different kinds of radar equipment. It doesn’t mention The Squire by name, but he is parish representative, and received the award for the church.

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