So Long, Old Paint!

7 Jun

My trusty, dusty Nissan has finally bitten the dust. This car has been a real workhorse, racking up almost 160,000 miles, and costing us much less in repairs than the Kia The Squire drives, and it is a 2009. I bought it around 2007 and paid $6,000 for it. About a week ago, it started making a dreadful noise, so we took it up to our local mechanic, who informed us the rear axle has an internal problem of some sort. He did say that; he honestly explained what was wrong, but it went clear over my head, so there’s that. “You can drive it for another month or so, but I really wouldn’t recommend it.

So now, we are off to find another car – another Nissan – to replace this one. Wish me luck!

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