And So It Goes . . .

15 Jun

We had to remove the curtains when we papered the kitchen, so I spent a fair part of today washing windows, which will probably make it rain tomorrow. I ordered yellow valances from Target at the same time I ordered the rest of the wall paper.

The Squire removed the inside of the dishwasher door and wiggled a few wires, but couldn’t find anything that would explain why the machine wouldn’t work. It’s an older model, and the Maytag help line wasn’t much help, so he pulled the entire machine out from under the counter, tapped and prodded, and then I helped him get it back in place. He slammed the door – and it started running! Not one to waste water and power, I opened the door and loaded the breakfast dishes.


Considering the perverseness of inanimate objects, it will begin to work perfectly ten minutes after we order a non-refundable part from Maytag.


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