Don’t Tell Anybody!

26 Sep

It seems as if any time I find a product I really, really like, the manufacturer discontinues it. Certain soups, candy bars (OK, I honestly don’t need candy, but still. . .) you name it. And now, General Foods has all but discontinued my favorite coffee.

I have enjoyed Orange Cappuccino since before I left Blue Cross in 1983. I even introduced my Mum to it, and she enjoyed it, although she claimed it was too expensive at $2.59 a can. (See my post on August 15, 2018) I’m really glad she didn’t live to see what it sells for today.

The Squire bought me 40 cans some time back, and I have nursed them along, limiting myself to a cup a day. Alas, I am down to two cans, so I went to the Wal-Mart website to order another batch. They still carry it, but they now want $44.99 for SIX cans, plus nearly $8 for shipping.

That, my friends, comes to over $8.00 a can! My Mum would keel over in a dead faint. Actually, I did pretty much the same thing, myself.

No explanation as to why this coffee is suddenly more than twice the price of any of the other flavors. The Squire is more than willing to buy it for me, but I can settle for Hazelnut. Some of the other coffees are so sickening sweet thet make my dentures ache, so Hazelnut it is.

Still I wouldn’t object to find a few cans of Orange Cappuccino in my Christmas stocking.

One Response to “Don’t Tell Anybody!”

  1. Garfield Hug September 29, 2021 at 5:02 am #

    Truly sad when prices sky rocket like that and shipping charges may cost more than the item you purchase.

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