I Should’a Stood in Bed

5 Oct

I zipped over to the local market this morning to pick up a couple things Aldi’s doesn’t carry.

The trip was not a success. First, I fixed myself a cup of coffee and managed to stick my finger in it when I slid it into the insulating cuff. There are no complaints about the coffee not being hot enough, but I now have a burnt pinky. Redner’s no longer carries the egg and onion matzo we like, and either Redner’s or General Foods have discontinued the Hazelnut cappuccino that is my default after the Orange Café went the way of all flesh. The clerk said she would “look into it”.

I spilled my coffee – twice. Once all over my hand, and then on the floor. Fortunately I was able to grab a cart wipe to clean up both messes.

It’s not yet noon, and I’m going to stay put.

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