Never a Camera

16 Jan

We have been inundated with starlings and grackles. Normally, they don’t show up en mass unless we have snow covering the ground, but they seem to have made an exception this season.

Yesterday, a red winged black bird landed at the feeder scattering all of the little birds. While he was gorging himself on seeds, a sparrow flew down – and began pecking the blackbird on the head! Defeated, or simply bewildered, the blackbird decamped, and the smaller birds flew back and continued eating.

2 Responses to “Never a Camera”

  1. tiggerlyss January 17, 2022 at 5:10 pm #

    This reminds me of something I had observed in college. I had a professor who kept snakes and would often feed them field mice. Well, this one time he dropped a field mouse into the aquarium cage and the snake went after the mouse. The mouse got into a corner and the snake could not reach the mouse. However, the mouse would jump onto the snake’s head and bite. The continued until the mouse had killed the snake.

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