Saturday Night in Kiev

3 Jul

Our next-door neighbors had a party last night that went on until at least 10:30 – complete with heavy duty fireworks. Honestly, it sounded as if they were shooting off cannons up there! I finally turned off the house alarm and went out to get The Squire’s noise-cancelling headphones from the car, the ones he uses when he mows the lawn. A bit awkward to wear, but I did finally get some sleep.

OK, not everybody gets up at 6:00 on Sunday to go to church, but Yeesh!


2 Responses to “Saturday Night in Kiev”

  1. Judy Kawaja July 4, 2022 at 1:28 pm #

    Ha got you beat
    we had a party down street starting at 5 pm til 10
    With lots of bass music then the fireworks and crackers started around dark ended 1 am!

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