Please Pay At-tent-ion

22 Jan

When I raised the curtain this morning and peered through the rain and mist, I thought somebody – somehow – had pitched a tent in the front yard last night. It took a few moments for the fog to clear, and I realized a tree had fallen over.

Poor Jim had to go out and cut out the top before church. People were simply driving through the tree without slowing down or even trying to swerve around it. He collected two pieces of plastic – what looks to be the back of a mirror, and part of a bumper. I swear, common sense seems to be nonexistent.

This doesn’t answer the question about a tree falling in the forest, because it fell across the road.


2 Responses to “Please Pay At-tent-ion”

  1. Bill Spencer January 24, 2023 at 7:47 pm #

    Maybe the tree actually landed on a car. That would explain the car parts.


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