Never a Dull . . .

9 Jan

I went over to church early yesterday evening as I had a couple of things to take care of before the Vestry meeting started.  I’d just come inside when I heard emergency vehicles in the distance; they stopped just outside the church parking lot, blocking the entrance. I went out to the end of the sidewalk, but I didn’t see anything and I figured I’d only be in the way anyway, so I went back in and got busy.

A bit later I noticed they had come onto the parking lot, and then one of the crew came in and asked if I had a key to the chain blocking the lot from the field. I did, but it was in the car; another member of the Vestry came into the lot as I was heading to my vehicle, and she had a key on her key ring. The fellow told her they’d gotten a call about an injured person “out there”. Now, “out there” can mean simply the field, or the woods – park of the State Park System – that surround our property.

The emergency crew was outside for about an hour  and our Senior Warden saw them taking a small boat – he called it a Swamp Gator – headed for the river. Goodness knows what that was all about.  Rumor has it that somebody fell out of a tree.  Deer hunting season ended January 6th. Last night was the 8th. Whatever you were doing out there in the dark, buster, it was probably no good.

We shall see. We’ll probably hear all about it at knitting in the morning.


Weather – or no

3 Jan

The Squire ran into an old acquaintance in the grocery store yesterday afternoon, and Frank proceeded to tell him exactly why we’re having such dreadful weather.

All those years we had lovely weather, and the factories were pumping all sorts of stuff into the atmosphere, y’see, but recently the Democrats made them stop filling the skies with fluorocarbons and  mercury and CO2, so now it rains all the time. The Squire didn’t bother to point out the fact that President Obama passed laws to remove the pollutants, and we had eight years of sunny weather. It is a Republican president who has started filling the skies with pollutants, and the heavens have been weeping ever since.

Frank wouldn’t have believe him, anyway.

Off to See Santa

23 Dec

Carolina Granddaughter took Butch and the Princess to visit Santa a few days ago, and they had aSanta 1 grand time!  Butch sat quietly while the Princess told Santa what she wanted for Christmas, and then she did the same. So often, little children are terrified of Santa, but this obviously wasn’t the case here!Santa 2

Then three of them shared a quick bit of story time.

Later on, the kids and their Mimi went on a carriage ride through Charleston to see the lights and decorations.

And a good time was had by all!

I Am So Tired of Rain

21 Dec

Noah calledIt has rained.  And rained. And rained some more.

84 Lumber is having a sale on gopher wood. The lower part of the lawn has always been a soggy morass, but now even the upper slope is muddy.

The only saving grace is that it is warm. Today had been pushing 60 º F (15-C) and the rest of the week looks to be the same. Heaven help us if this precipitation had been snow!

Using Up the Leftovers

20 Dec

We had our annual Christmas Open House on Sunday. We planned on about fifty people, but the weather was beastly, so only half that many came. It rained buckets both Saturday and Sunday. Monday was lovely, natch. 

So now we have leftovers. Boy, do we have leftovers!

I took most of the leftover cheese and all of the cauliflower from the veggie tray and made mac and cheese on Monday. Yesterday, I took the leftover carrot and celery sticks, added an onion, and made Greek Orzo and Lemon soup. Today, we have a lovely supper of jalapeno poppers, mini chicken rolls, quiches – and a fresh salad. There’s no telling what the rest of the week may bring.

We also have cookies. You may have your choice of Fig Thumbprints, Pistachio and Cranberry, Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, Raspberry Streusel (also known as Those Cookies), Lime-Ginger, Chocolate Crinkle, or sugar cookies decorated to resemble Polar Bears. Or white chocolate fudge, if you prefer.

If you are very, very nice, I might ~ might! ~ share my fruit cake.  (But don’t count on it.)

Music To My Ears

13 Dec

Apparently The Squire lived a sheltered life; he’s never heard any of the good songs. A good while back, I was singing (I guess you can call it that) a little ditty that went this way:

Looking through the knothole in Father’s wooden leg,/Oh, who will wind the clock when I am gone?/Go get the ax; there’s a fly on Baby’s nose,/And a boy’s best friend is his mother.

He accused me of making it up.

A few days ago, he was helping me make Christmas cookies, and complained ~ rightly so ~ that the cat was in the way, winding back and forth underfoot.

Oh, they’re always in the way/The cows eat them for hay./ They hide the dirt on Grandpa’s shirt/Oh, they’re always in the way!

Again, he accused me of making up the whole thing. Now, mind you, he really does have a reason for feeling this way. Last week, El Condor Passa came on the radio, and I began to yodel. I’d rather have a quarter than dime/Oh, yes, I w-o-u-u-ld./ I’d rather have a Quarter than a dime/Just any t-i- m-e.

Yes, that’s one of my songs. As if you couldn’t tell.


The Water is Rising!

8 Dec

Although the are Some People in High Places who claim not to accept climate change, those of us who live in less rarified places know it for a fact.

My cousin has a sea wall around his home and the water has risen quite a bit since he had the place built. When I take Blazer for a walk in the park, I can see the river encroaching farther up the boat ramps. But mostly, we notice it here at the Rice Paddy. This place has always been a bit of a swamp, but it has gotten progressively worse. By road, we live about 5 miles from the bay, but as the crow flies it’s only a bit over a mile. While there are some valleys to be raised up, and mountains to be laid low between us and the Chesapeake, we are essentially at sea level here.

And we can tell.

Although the ground has always had damp spots – oh, heck! wet spots! – we now have more, and worse. Where once the spring outside the den window only ran in wet weather, now it runs all the time. All the ground around the front porch is soft and squishy – a sort of grab-your-boots- and-pull-them-off-your-feet mud.  It’s really bad when you need waders just to mow the lawn!  Y’know, there’s just a limit to how large a pond we can dig.

We have finally accepted the inevitability of having to move; we hoped to have time to dawdle a bit, but the entire place is beginning to sink into the mire.