Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

14 Jun


Back when I was working for a private doctor in Aberdeen, I used to drop off my wash on the way to work at a laundromat near the office. For $5 a load, it was washed, dried, and folded. All I had to do was take it home and put it away.

The day we left for vacation, I dropped off a “mixed load” – some whites, and a handful of colours – to empty the hamper before we headed out of town.

When I stopped by to collect my clothes, the clerk told me “we have a problem”.  On top of my basket was a pair of blue jeans, which I did not (still don’t) wear. A bunch of men’s T-shirts were folded on top, and when I unfolded them, they had pictures and words The Squire would never have worn. There might have been a few things that actually belonged to us, but the vast majority of the items were not ours.

They had hired a new person, and she had dumped out a half-dozen laundry baskets, sorted the clothes by colour and then tried to remember what things went where.

It was impossible to pile the clothes on the table and let us all grab our own items. The first customer to come in that afternoon had been a trucker from out-of-town; he had grabbed his plastic garbage bag, plunked down his hard-earned cash, and driven off into the sunset.

That poor man is probably still trying to explain to his wife how my red bra got mixed in with his clothes.

And thanks to Jim Unger for reminding me.

Live and Learn

6 Jun

Soaking burgers in a marinade makes them fall apart.

Go Figure

5 Jun

About a month ago The Squire and I purchased some “burgers” which turned out to be absolutely tasteless. Really blah. The patties have been sleeping quietly in the deep freeze, sealed in their little plastic wrapper, waiting for us to either toss them or pluck up enough courage to cook ’em up for dinner.

When I went to the store this morning I grabbed a bottle of Italian dressing, stripped those little babies nekid, put them in a baggie and poured dressing over them. We’ll see if it helps. They simply can’t get much worse.

The Squire has wisely refrained from commenting on the fact that we bought low-fat food and are now soaking it in oil.


Paris Accord

1 Jun

Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach as if I’d just heard someone close to me had died. Or war had been declared.  How much damage is that man willing to do to the world and its people for the sake of his own wallet?

Good Lord, deliver us.

How High Can I Jump?

24 May

Sometimes it seems the only exercise I get is jumping to conclusions and pushing my luck.

This evening I had to dash over to the library to grab a book that was being held for me. As I walked across the lot a young woman came dashing out of the building, hopped into a car in a Handicapped spot, grabbed something, and then ran back inside.

When I got inside I proceeded to give her a large piece of my mind, pointing out that she was obviously not handicapped and had no business parking there.

Turns out she was driving her mum and that lady needed a walker to get around.

It’s hard to crawl under the rug when you have your foot in your mouth.

A New Beginning, And An End, At Last

21 May

Our newest great-grandson, Austin, was baptized this morning, along with another little boy.  In spite of my best efforts to sit with the family, I ended up “on the altar” again. Not too bad a deal, as I was still able to read the prayers for the candidates.  We Anglicans tend to be a flexible lot.

Austin and his parents are on the right in this shot.

baptism group

Eldest daughter had a party at her house after the service. We had invited Rev. Kim, but she had to be in Frederick by 2:30, so that didn’t work out.

Silbaugh called earlier this week to say they had finally gotten my dad’s stone in place, so The Squire and I stopped by Christ Church to take a look at that. It’s only been eighteen years, after all.  My mum refused to have a marker on his grave – “God will know where to find him when He wants him” – and I waited until she died before I ordered it. Now, I have to figure what to put on her stone that won’t sound snarky.

ERMP stone


18 May


Our local great-grandson at the Aquarium.