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Sometimes You Just Wonder

7 Sep

When I was getting into my car at the market this morning a family was climbing out of theirs in the slot next to me. It seems to be One of The Rules that no matter how many places there are, the car next to you is coming or going when you are doing the same. However, I digress.

One of the children in that car was an albino, wearing a sundress, and holding her hands over her eyes. A friend of ours has two albino children (what are the odds?), and I know these kids have very sensitive eyes, and should always have a hat, long sleeves, and loads of sunscreen. I whipped off my sunglasses and handed them to the nearest adult. “Here, put these on her. She should never be out without her shades.” The lady thanked me and admitted the little girl should also be wearing a hat. “They sell nice straw hats at the Dollar Store over there.” I pointed across the lot, and then drove off.

I know it’s hard to keep a little one covered up, but this is dangerous stuff. Albinos already have very poor eyesight and there’s no point in having the little kid go blind, even if she complains about the sunglasses.  She’s going to live with this problem all of her life, so train her early. If she had Type 1 diabetes you wouldn’t let her slack on her diet and meds; don’t do it when she has any other life changing condition.

Ah, me. It’s a good thing I’m perfect, isn’t it?