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Where Did You Go, Joe DiMaggio?

14 May

I swear, this house eats things, and its appetite has become more voracious as time goes along.

Some time back, I lost a pillow case between the linen closet and the bed. Now my summer clothes are missing.  Two weeks ago The Squire did the summer-winter switchover, and we shoved his big blue tub into the attic. I tend to stay cold a lot longer than he does, so I wasn’t in any big hurry to pack away my woolies, but now we can’t find my summer stuff.

I got into the attic on Monday and looked in all the boxes, but couldn’t find my things. No big deal; I wore my sweat pants and one of his polo shirts to the gym on Tuesday, but the shirt was so large I was afraid it would fall off it I yawned. He climbed up and looked for the box, I checked the bins in the sewing room, which are only costumes, and we even looked in the workshop (a.k.a. The Black Hole). Nada.

Tonight when we go to pick up the bread from Panera, I will stop in Target and get a couple of things to tide me over until the box turns up. A polo shirt or two in my size, and maybe a pair of summer slacks, and maybe stop at the Thrift Store on Monday. I am fairly certain that purchasing a new wardrobe will make my old clothes turn up immediately.

Ah! Found the sheet from the Red Cross. My hemoglobin was 11.7, and they want it to be between 13.8 and 17.2.

Tired is What I Do

13 May

I went to the doctor on Monday because I am still coughing from whatever it was that got me in mid-April. I also wanted to know if it was possible to take shots instead of tackling the iron pills because of all the trouble I have with those, and by the way, my feet are swollen.

So – I do still have something in my lungs, for which he prescribed an antibiotic and a codeine syrup. I had a coughing fit Sunday at the dinner theater; the embarrassment was worse than the cough. There was an infant in the audience who made less noise than I did. Pathetic.  The swelling in my feet could be because a) my blood pressure is so low. b) my thyroid is wonky, or c) because I am anemic.  Blood tests all around.

Last time I went to the Red Cross, my b/p was 95/55 and my iron level was more than a point less than what they consider acceptable. I think they want it to be 12.5, and I was 11.2, but don’t quote me on that. Anyway, I’m running a quart low.

They didn’t take me.

I picked up the cough syrup on the way home from Bible Study last night. The directions are to take two teaspoons every six hours. Since two of the meds I take at bedtime are already sedating I decided to only take one teaspoon. I slept, uninterrupted, for ten hours, and then collapsed again at 2 PM and slept another two. It is about 7:15, and I could easily go back up to bed. To quote my mother, “Just because I’m up and moving around, doesn’t mean I’m awake”.