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Good Night, Sleep Tight

19 Aug

Or not, as the case may be.  In addition to my Restless Leg Syndrome, I have apnea, aggravated by the fact that I normally sleep on my back.  Last night was a nightmare.

The Squire and I left Greater Downtown Bradshaw on Saturday morning, and drove straight through to Newport, stopping only to grab a bite of lunch. Finding a place to lay our weary heads was a challenge; the Family Inn has gone to long-term stays only, and the office for the Best Western was hidden away in the restaurant next door. We finally settled on Motel 6.

I’d taken my pills an hour or so before we went to bed, but my legs simply would NOT stop galloping over the bed. If we were at home, I’d have gone downstairs for a third pill and a glass of wine, grabbed a book and decamped to the guest room. None of those options were available, as I’d foolishly brought only enough pills for two a night, and Tennessee does not allow alcoholic sales on Sundays.  I figured by the time I climbed out of bed, found my clothes and drove around the streets of Newport, I’d probably end up calling The Squire from jail. And then, a group of local citizens camped on the motel parking lot, gunning their engines, and laughing and joking until 2 AM. The Squire did get dressed and complained to the front desk, but it didn’t do any good.

We went off to church this morning at Annunciation, and enjoyed a very nice service. The rector is new to us, and preached a very good sermon. There was a woman behind us who had a beautiful voice, and she lent so much to the congregational singing. Caught up with some old friends and just had a pleasant time. One of the best things about the Episcopal church is that, no matter where you go, you are “home”. There are differences, but things are familiar enough that you are never a stranger.

Lunch with The Squire’s sister and her good friend, and then I came back to the motel and actually managed to get a nap, while The Squire went to Sis’s place and helped her with her genealogy website.  He friend, BJ, is a gem. He is much younger than she is, but is willing to help her out with minor problems such as changing light bulbs, and major things such as seeing that she gets to doctor appointments and such. He also watches out for his own parents and another friend. How on earth the man finds time to work and see to his own life is beyond us.

The last time I had a real knock-down, drag-out night such as the one I had last night was in late July, when we drove down to Harrisonburg to visit my nephew. I wonder if the fact that I sat in the car all day long and didn’t get any exercise at all caused the problem? Even when I work, I am up and down the hall to the coffee station and the rest room – it doesn’t sound as if it’s much, but it’s a loong hallway.  Maybe I should get off my duffle bag and take Blazer to the park once in a while?