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Excuse Me!

3 Aug

We had a quick vestry meeting after church today, and The Squire glanced out the office window to see some fellow casually wandering through the grounds with a metal detector and a shovel.

He hustled on out and asked the man what he thought he was doing. “Just lookin’ fer old stuff in the park.” The Squire carefully informed him that this was private church property, not a public park, which apparently came as a complete surprise. (I think he’d been talking to the lady who complained our storage shed blocked her view of “the park”.)

“It is indeed private property and it is also a Federally protected national historical site, so anything you might find belongs to the U.S. Government. You are welcome to walk your dog or visit, but please do not come back here again with that equipment.”¬† Laid it on a bit thick, but the man was inclined to argue, so The Squire suggested the next time he came over, he could discuss it with the Sheriff.

Honestly, some people.