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Double Dipping

10 May
Taken at the dinner theater. A little dark, but I look better in the dark anyway.

Taken at the dinner theater. A little dark, but I look better in the dark anyway.

Ever since the girls were old enough to take care of it themselves, The Squire has refused to do anything for me for Mother’s Day, on the basis that although I am older than he is, I’m not his mother. He also gets snippy if I do anything for him for Father’s Day – even a card – so it evens out.

Thursday, out of the blue, he asked me where I wanted to go for Mother’s Day. (I think this was because the church did not have their annual Mother’s Day brunch. Another can of worms.) I was quite certain I did NOT want to go near a restaurant today, so we decided to go to our favorite Asian restaurant on Friday evening. Lemon’n’Ginger is a fairly new place up near the Y. No chop suey or chow mien, but honest-to-goodness Asian cuisine – Japanese, Thai, and Chinese. I had eggplant and garlic, so you couldn’t get downwind of me most of the weekend.

Yesterday, The Squire and his friend Mac, whom I have mentioned before, went to see Age of Ultron, and Mac mentioned he and his wife and daughter were going to a dinner theater today and asked if would we like to join them.

And so we did.

The play was 1776, a musical about the founding of this country. Very good – the actors were all fabulous, the singing was excellent, and the entire play was true to history. Merciful heavens! To be honest, I couldn’t see how it would be a subject for a musical, but it was very good, very funny in places, and very serious in others.  The song sung by the soldier who has watched others die in battle brought tears to my eyes, and the letters from Washington, expressing his frustration at lack of supplies and fears for his men were very moving. All in all, an excellent show.

So I went from doing nothing for Mother’s Day to going out to dinner twice. How about them apples?