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Men! (Part the Second)

17 Oct

Well, at least The Squire waited until 6:30 this morning to awaken me and say the pain was much worse, and he had a red streak running up his side. He was only going to tell me he was driving himself to the hospital, and I could arrange to have somebody take me down later to pick up the car, but I got up and dressed and dropped him off myself.

At least he didn’t just tip-toe out and leave me a note.

I ended up going back to collect him about 1PM, this time with a prescription for a cream. The new doctor thinks he has a rash. Who knows? Five Guys now serves a veggie sandwich, so we stopped there for lunch. The Squire had, for better or worse, gone to the ER NPO, and was so hungry he was shaking.

We got the clothes on the line, and then went up to see Local Grandson and his wife. They just welcomed a new baby last Sunday, and he is leaving on Tuesday afternoon to fly to the Middle East with the Air Force Reserves.  Hugs and tears all around. Fortunately, he is an airplane mechanic, and will be on base pretty much exclusively. That AA degree in mechanical engineering came in pretty handy, and the fact that he didn’t qualify as a pilot makes it even better.

We will miss that young man furiously for the next three months. Pray for his safety.