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Stay Tuned

5 Jan

We went down for the weekly bread pickup last night, and I braved the frigid temps to dash into Target for a few things. I grabbed a cart and headed to the Customer Service area to ask about an item I’d ordered.

While I was waiting, a young fellow strolled past in his housecoat.  He had that carefully nonchalant expression that practically shouted “I’m sooo cool”.  Every head in the vicinity turned to follow his progress. The clerk sort of shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve been seeing pajama bottoms all day, but that’s a new one. I wonder what they’ll come up with next?”

“Come spring” I suggested, “maybe they’ll be dashing around in their BVDs. Or streaking.”




It Is Finished

30 Nov

On November 8th, I wrote that a long-time food pantry in Harford County was being hassled by government inspectors.  We have now been shut down – just in time for the holidays.

The week after that inspector had come by, we were told to go ahead. If you go into a store to purchase bagels, they are usually in a big bin, with a pair of tongs. They do not have a list of ingredients. If you stop at a deli for a sandwich, you have no idea what’s in the bread. Or the lunchmeat or mayo, for that matter.  Panera HQ couldn’t even give us the information we wanted! How’s that strike you?

Yesterday morning, a different inspector came by and told us that under no circumstances were we to continue giving food to the needy. They needed to purchase it just as everybody else does. Well, he didn’t say that, but this was federal, and you know how they feel about poor people.  Can we just do one more session, so folks will have food for Christmas? No, absolutely not.

And we have folded our tents, and will silently slip away. Silently, except for a whole lot of muttering and cursing under our breath.