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3 Jan

When I left this morning to do the wash, there was a dreadful accident at the top of the hill. Quick U-turn, a detour, and grateful I wasn’t the one driving.

While I was out, I swung by the see The Bride and Groom, but the house was vacant! They had said they planned on moving, but I figured they’d at least let us know they were leaving town.

I came straight back, and there were at least four utility trucks at the accident scene, and more people standing around, pointing, than I could count in a hurry. A pole was broken off and I swear there was either smoke or steam coming out of the box on the side of the pole. (Maybe it was coming off the men standing there!)

Austin is headed back to Philly tomorrow for an upper GI and yet more testing. This will determine if the doctors will do the surgery again, or try another approach. Its been two months, and if it’s going to work, it should show some results by now. The doctors at Hopkins wanted to insert an NG tube, which would have meant the “kids” would be responsible for inserting and cleaning the tube, which is a recipe for disaster if ever I heard one. And if the food isn’t leaving the baby’s stomach, what is to be gained by dripping formula into it? And obviously, this is a “Band-Aid” approach. Austin can’t live with an NG tube for very long.

Do something!