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Bah, Humbug!

1 Jan

Well, this year is already off to a roaring start.

The woman from our church about whom I wrote several days ago died yesterday morning. She had dementia, and had suffered a stroke, so it was not unexpected, and her husband, while grieving, has expressed relief for her sake. The funeral is Thursday.

Our newly-minted (September, 2014) Suffragan Bishop, Heather Cook, was involved in a hit-and-run accident earlier this week. The official “spin” was that she left the scene of the accident – she returned 20 minutes later – but to me, “leaving the scene of an accident” means you ran over somebody’s mailbox and kept going.  Killing a man is a “hit and run”, make no mistake about it. Reports are now coming out that she was given probation before judgment in 2010 for driving three times over the legal limit, and having marijuana in her car.

Boy! Do we know how to pick ’em, or what? How in God’s name did she make it through the discernment process?

The LED bulbs we ordered for the dining room chandeliers arrived yesterday and are a total waste of money. Each one, which is supposed to be equal to a 30 watt bulb, is barely as bright as the nightlight we have in the bathroom.  If you know anybody in the market for ten 5 watt bulbs, I have a deal for you.

And the bronchitis The Squire and I have been fighting has come back with a vengeance. We may both end up at Patient First before the day is over.

The only bright spot was that our noisy neighbors didn’t have a wild party last night. The Squire and I went to bed around 10:30 and slept straight through without a blip.

Waiting for Charon

25 Dec

The Squire says he is feeling better. Not well, but better. Wish I could say the same. I was hoping that this go-round would not be as bad as what I had last July, but is seems to be well on the way. I was suppose to read last night, and The Squire and I were to usher, but nothing doing. I’m not getting near anybody, especially little kids.

I’ve spent most of today in bed, which is, of course, exactly where I should be. I dragged my aching body downstairs at 3:00, and would probably still be there if the dog hadn’t barked at me. A wet nose and a loud noise in your ear will generally jolt most folks awake.

So, the foxes are fed, and I am going back to bed.



Enough, Aleady!

21 Jul

This cough we thought had been caused by damage to my trachea while I was in the hospital had gotten progressively worse, until I was coughing almost non-stop  and really wasn’t eating and drinking properly. I mean, it wasn’t all bad – I’ve dropped five pounds -but let’s just say I’m d… sick and tired of the whole business.

Last night The Squire listened to me hacking non-stop for five minutes and then hauled me off to the local “Doc in a Box”, where I received excellent care.  (The doctor resembled the man who delivered my children!) Blood tests, a series of chest X-rays, and all that jazz. I have developed bronchitis. Probably not contagious, but not pleasant. Unfortunately, the only thing to keep the cough under control is codeine, which makes me sleepy.

We were invited to a crab feast this afternoon; I sent The Squire off to enjoy himself.  In addition to slaving over the new kitchen, the dear man has waited on me hand and foot for the last two weeks. If I went, I’d be coughing all over everybody, or I’d fall asleep in the soup.