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Buckingham Palace

7 Nov

Our local library sponsored a Visit to Buckingham Palace this afternoon, and it was very interesting.

They had some sort of “Viewmaster” things they passed out to each of us, while the librarian changed the slides from her desk. We had a three-dimensional tour of several rooms – eight, I think – and if you turned your head this way or that you could look all the way around the room, as well as looking up at the ceiling and down at the rugs.  The really funny thing was if someone else couldn’t find what you saw, you would point in the direction of the object, as if you were actually in the room.

Since I seldom pass up a chance to get gussied up, I put on a nice dress and grabbed one of my biggest hats. If I’m going to tea with the queen, I’m not going to show up in jeans and a T-shirt! I was the only one there who wasn’t in jeans and a T-shirt! That’s alright. I was happy to sip my tea (in a Styrofoam cup!) and nibble my “biscuits”.